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Guidelines to Apply in Writing Short Wish Texts as Well as Sayings for Life Events Including Weddings, Birthdays, and More.

Life occasions such as birthdays occur once in a while others such as weddings occur one in a lifetime. People, therefore, take their time to enjoy the best they can. Since they cannot make happy moments on their own, they invite friends to celebrate with them. Apart from giving presents, friends write wish messages which can be in form of cards, text messages, and others. Selecting the right wording of short wish texts as well as sayings for life events including weddings, birthdays, and more is hard but applying the tips expounded below will help much.

Consider your relationship with the recipient. In order to have the right words of a wish message, you should consider the duration of your relationship with the recipient and how much you know each. The words you choose for a family member may be heartfelt than those of friends. People you have related with for long share many memories and you can highlight a memory on the message. However, there is a need to be somehow reserved when the people you are writing wish messages to are known to you for a short duration.

You should check the personality of the person receiving the message. Various people have various personalities that make their tastes and preferences differ. You are not intending to write wish messages in order to irritate someone and knowing their personality helps a lot in composing the right message. In case the recipient is not outgoing, the wish message you write should be as formal as possible. On the contrary, a carefree recipient can find anything just appealing and you do not have to worry much about choosing the right words.

You should look into their religious affiliations. People will always find messages with phrases of their faith inspiring and be hurt on seeing messages that contradicts what they believe in. You thus need to completely know what the recipient believes in and how much they are committed to what they believe. It may not be necessary to write a wish message connoting the faith of people with a low commitment to what they believe in.

You should check whether you will be available for the occasion. You are most likely to have the urge of writing a wish message because the individual involved took their time to invite you to their occasions. They eagerly wait for you to attend and they will not take lightly your failure to attend. Composing a message that includes a phrase like ‘desire I was available’ will let the person know have them in mind on their unique day. You should not, however, explain the reasons you could not attend on the card.

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