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Calendar Management Tips to Improve your Productivity in 2018

Time management is essential and critical as a tool to boost productivity. Although you may feel and seem busy all the time, this is not an indication of being productive. You at some point have found yourself unable to complete a project and blame it on the lack of sufficient time. The problem may not be the lack of time but rather how you schedule time and what proportion you allocate to the most essential or crucial tasks. To manage time better and have important assignments completed in good time, learn and use time management skills. Mornings have been reported to be the most productive hours or times in a day. This means that productivity is dependent on the activities you conduct during these hours. This being the case, schedule the very important tasks to be done and completed during the morning hours. This way you can ensure you focus and concentrate fully on important tasks. This is not the time for several or lengthy meetings or even doing emails.

It is essential that you avoid time wasters. Among the time wasters is when you schedule meetings and the other people fail to attend. Such time could be put into completion of other activities. You can avoid such time wasters by ensuring you send meeting reminders. Text reminders and confirmations can work and work to reduce time wastage. There are apps that integrate with the calendar to send the text reminders. When you send out the Text reminders, then parties can confirm if they will attend or otherwise. Individuals who use Text Reminders are less likely to find themselves attending meetings without confirmation from others. The Text reminders can thus assist you to eliminate the wastage of time.

Also, avoid multitasking since it can limit your productivity to a great extent given that you are working on various tasks at one time. Instead, ensure you are not distracted and then embark on completing each task at a time. Also ensure that you set boundaries for how you utilize your time and the attention you give to others. Also, avoid attending meetings without agenda. With Text reminders, you should ensure you remind other parties so they do not fail to attend. Also, of importance, is the habit of color coding the calendar. Besides separating important tasks from the less important ones, it provides a clear indication of the personal and business assignments and tasks. Above all, set yourself up for success. With the help of the calendar, you have all the activities you need to complete and allocate time for each.